ACE Award for Excellence in Communication Nomination Form and Guidelines

ACE Award for Excellence in Communication Nomination Form and Guidelines


The Alumni Council established the ACE in 2002 to recognize and support effective communication by its alumni organizations. Outstanding communications programs or projects not only benefit the organization and its membership, but also serve as models to be used by other Princeton alumni organizations to support and enhance their activities. The Alumni Relations & Communications Committee (ARC) will present up to three awards each year.


The award may be given to a Princeton regional association, class, affiliated group (A4P, ABPA, ALPA, APGA or BTGALA), Alumni Council standing committee, or a joint venture among any of these groups. The communication program or project must reflect volunteer hours and ingenuity and may not be the work of contracted professionals.


Nominations for the award shall be submitted in writing and may come from any source. If the communication project is available for review in hard copy only (e.g., a book or a newsletter), the committee will request copies from the nominator. The deadline for receipt of nominations shall be December 15.


The Committee on Alumni Relations and Communications shall meet to review nominations. Final selection shall be made by a vote of the members of ARC.

Award Timing

The recipient(s) will be announced in the spring. The award(s) shall be presented at a time and location mutually agreeable to both the recipient(s) and the Alumni Council leadership presenting the award(s).

Type of Award

The award shall consist of a citation and a check for $500 to each winner. The honorarium is intended to be invested further in the recipient's communications effort.
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