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January, 1951

Wednesday, January 3

Seoul again falls to Communist forces.

William Schrauff was killed in an auto accident on Christmas morning as he was driving
home from a Christmas Eve party.

The annual Eastern and Mid-Western tour of the Triangle Club was "very, very success-
full" according to Robert Jennings. Sixty-three undergraduates made the tour of "Too
Hot For Toddy."

Dean of the Faculty Douglas Brown has been named to the Scientific Manpower Advisory
Committe of the National Security Resources Board, chairman Stuart Symington an-
nounced recently.

The mystery of missing alumnus Walter Alexander '22, who vanished during the June, 1949
Reunions, was solved on December 24 by the startling discovery of his body in his car
at the bottom of Lake Carnegie.

The basketball team remained undefeated, defeating Colgate, 59-54, Ohio State, 55-49,
Michigan State, 52-46, and Rochester, 67-61. The team has now won seventeen straight
games going back to last season.

The hockey team dropped two games each to Michigan and Colorado, and a single game to

The polo team defeated Squadron A by a 6-2 margin.

The living room of 13 Patton Hall was destroyed by fire on December 18.

Wilson Parago, janitor in the seventh and eighth entries of Patton Hall, was elected
president of the University janitor's union.

Kim, with Errol Flynn, Dean Stockwee and Paul Lukas, is at the Playhouse.
Blanche Fury, with Stewart Granger and Valerie Hobson, is at the Garden.

Stephen Wiley has been elected one of the national vice-chairmen of the Student World
Federalists in a meeting of the Federalist National Executive Council in Chicago.

The Daily Princetonian will publish on alternate days during the exam period
starting Monday, January 15. Daily publication will resume on Wednesday, the 31st.

Thursday, January 4

General Ridgeway rescinds scorched earth policy.

James May and Alexander Grasberg are among twelve students receiving $600 scholarships
from the Radio Corporation of America.

Hugh Taylor, Dean of the Graduate School and chairman of the Chemistry Department, has
been elected national president of the Society of Sigma Xi, a nationwide organization
devoted to the encouragement of research in both pure and applied science.

Two Borough policemen were injured, one seriously, when their patrol car crashed into
the intersection of Washington Road and Prospect Avenue yesterday morning. The police
have not explained the cause of the accident.

Official practice for the box lacrosse team will begin Monday.

A "New Year Special" of the Princeton Tiger will be distributed on Campus today.
It includes a feature story on Sweetbriar College.

The Nassau Lit has changed its name to The Nassau Literary Magazine

Cannon Club, which won the intra-mural All Sports Trophy last year, is in the lead
again at the half-way point of the year.

Friday, January 5

Kimpo airfield occupied by Communists and Inchon abandoned.

The 1951 spring bicker will get underway next Wednesday and Thursday nights when all
Sophomores eligible for upperclass club membership will meet with groups of club pres-
idents to discuss the general bicker procedure and present their questions.

The course on Marriage and Family Life sponsored by the Undergraduate Council will be-
gin on Thursday, February 1, according to Thomas Stewart, chairman of the advisory
committe on the project.

David Bohm, assistant professor in the Physics Department who was indicted for contempt
of Congress, on Wednesday asked a Federal judge to dismiss the charges, claiming that
the questioning by the House Committee on Un-American Activities was an "unconstit-
ional body."

President Dodds yesterday said "The University is fully prepared to go to an accele-
rated program as soon as we know that the national requirements call for it."

Competitive examinations for appointments to the Coast Guard Academy will be given on
February 19, 20 and 21.

The hockey team defeated Hamilton, 16-3, last night in Baker Rink.

Sunday, January 7

Communist offensive halted. New defense line formed along 38th Parallel.

Monday, January 8

President Dodds said yesterday the the University is considering summer courses for the
coming summer as part of an acceleration program. He will discuss the draft situation
on WPRU tonight at 9:45.

The nation's longest basketball winning streak almost came to an unexpected end as
Harvard nearly won in an exciting 49-47 game.

A fire of undetermined origin gutted the living room of John Griswold, Richard Hayes
and Richard Haury at 54 1879 Hall. Richard Dickhaus discovered the fire and Sherman
Brown called the police, who turned in the alarm.

Major differences exist between the religious attitudes of Freshmen and upperclass-
men, responses to a questionnaire sent out by Robert Brush and Peter Langham indicate.
Organized religion appears to be much more important to Freshmen. Brush, who is in the
Religion Department and Langham, who is majoring in Psychology, are using these sta-
tistics as part of a joint experimental thesis.

Students will be able to register for the second term any time during the two week
final exam period Registrar Howard Stepp announced Friday.

King Solomon's Mines, with Deborah Kerr, Stewart Granger and Richard Carlson, is
at the Playhouse. The Story of G.I. Joe, with Burgess Meredith as Ernie Pyle,
Robert Mitchum and Freddie Steele, is at the Garden.

The hockey team defeated Colgate, 12-1, Saturday in Baker Rink.

The wrestling team lost to Rutgers, 21-8, and the fencers lost to Rutgers, 14-13.

Tuesday, January 9

At a cost of $1,500,000 Princeton has acquired the 800 acre tract formerly used by the
Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research. The property, which adjoins University
ground on the east bank of Lake Carnegie, will be converted into a research center to
be a memorial to James Forrestal'15, the first secretary of defense and a charter
trustee of the University. The center will engage in research in the fields of aero-
nautical engineering, jet propulsion, chemical kinetics and related fields.

In conjunction with state wide observances, Mayor Sturges '17 has designated the week
of January 7-13 as Civil Defense Week.

Senator Leverett Saltonstall, Massachusetts Republican who is a member of the Armed
Services Committee, told 170 Whig-Clio members and their guests last night that he
thought that every man in the U.S. of draft age should have basic military training.

During his WPRU broadcast last night President Dodds expressed the hope that Congress
will not take action which will disrupt the education of men now in college studying
in the fields of science, engineering and medicine.

Saturday, January 13, is the deadline for the current term for veterans to charge
U-Store purchases to the Veterans Administration.

Charlie Caldwell is rumored to be Duke University's first choice to succeed Wallace
Wade as head football coach.

Sophomores may now obtain a free copy of bicker booklet, "Now That You Are Eligible",
from a table outside 305 Nassau Hall.

Wednesday, January 10

Members of Whig-Clio will elect new officers today after a spirited campaign centering
around the question of whether candidates should be elected as individuals or as a
slate. Williston Benedict, chairman of the elections committee, said that the polls
will be open today from 10 am until 8 pm in the lobby of Whig Hall.

Efforts to unionize the employees of the Nassau Tavern continue despite the refusal of
the Nass management to meet with union officials. For now, the union advises its mem-
bers to keep working.

The Princeton swimming team defeated highly rated Seton Hall 38-37 in Dillon Pool last

The 1951 Bicker begins tonight at 7:30 when members of the Interclub Committee will
meet with sections of Sophomore eligibles. Sophomeres have been divided into eight
sections by alphabet. Each section will meet with four or five club presidents.

Hollie Donan and Jack Davison are back on Campus after playing the East-West Shrine
game in San Francisco on December 31. Both played for the East. Last Saturday Hollie
played in the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. The players in that game share in the
gate receipts.

Dean Godolphin has expressed the hope that Charlie Caldwell will remain at Princeton.
In a short statement the Dean said "The position of head coach of football at Princeton
University is Charlie Caldwell's as long as he wishes to hold it."

Registration for the Marriage and Family Life course will take place in Murray-Dodge
today 10 and 12 in the morning and 2 and 4:30 in the afternoon.

Mr. Music, with Bing Crosby, Nancy Olson, Charles Coburn and Ruth Hussey, is at
the Playhouse. The Hidden Room, with Robert Newton, Saly Gray, Naunton Wayne and
Phil Brown, is at the Garden.

Thursday, January 11

(There is no Daily Princetonian available for this date.)

Friday, January 12

Charlie Caldwell has turned down the Duke head coach offer, according to the New
York World Telegram and Sun. He received the Coach of the Year award in
Dallas last night at a dinner attended by over 400 coaches, sportswriters and
celebrities, including Bob Hope, Bing Crosby Alonzo Stagg.

Following a meeting of the board of Triangle Club secretary William Grady announced the
election of 22 new members to the organization. Members of the Class of 1951 elected
were Augustus Hulit, Charles Ilsley, Harden Rose, Robert Shaw, Louis Tilden, Ford Van
Hagen and Hugh Wilson.

Dean of the Faculty Brown opposes the Marshall Proposal of universal military basic
training of four months for all 18 year olds. He believes that there should be no
interruption in the flow of scientific,health care and engineering students.

Air raid sirens will sound today throughout the nation in a Civil Defense drill.

Doctor George Finney '21, father of Redmond Finney, was elected a Charter Trustee of
the University, President Dodds announced yesterday following the winter meeting of the
Board of Trustees.

Princeton athletes in 1950 set the highest calendar-year winning average ever recorded
in Nassau history, according to a statistical report issued by Ken Fairman '34. Thirty
nine teams, including four championship varsity units, compiled a winning average of
.712, 56 points better than the 1934 record. The undefeated football team won the Lam-
bert Trophy, the basketball team won the Eastern League crown, the tennis team took
top honors in the Eastern Intercollegiate Tennis Association, and the baseball team
tied with Army for the Eastern Intercollegiate Bassball League championship.

Two unauthorized magazine salesmen were hustled out of town by Borough police at the
request of head proctor Mike Kopliner.

Heywood Alexander announced tryouts for tenors for the Glee Club to be held on the
first of February, in Clio Hall.

Today The Daily Princetonian prints the entire Constitution of the Honor System,
as required by the Honor System Constitution.

Monday, January 15

A series of lectures and forums on the national emergency and world affairs is being
mapped out by the Faculty Committee on Public Lectures. The program is scheduled for
spring term, and several prominent Americans have agreed to participate.

The trial of physics professor David Bohm has been postponed pending the outcome of his
request for a dismissal.

Material for registration for the spring term will be available in Alexander Hall be-
ginning today for the next two weeks.

The resignation of Dean Hugh Taylor as chairman of the Chemistry Department and the
appointment of Nathaniel Furman '13 as his successor was announced by President Dodds.

In a foul-marred contest, the basketball team beat Navy, 70-57. The two referees called
a Dillon Gym record 52 personal fouls. Mike Kearns led the Tiger scoring with 22 points
as four Princeton starters fouled out of the game.

Professors Paul Strayer and Donald Wallace, both of the Economics Department, are in
Washington serving as consultants to the Economic Stabilization Agency, which is
charged with formulating plans for the effective control of prices and wages in the
current emergency and in the event of war.

Father Beckley, Princeton's Catholic chaplain, yesterday defended the Pope's recent
directive that Catholic clergymen withdraw from membership in local Rotary clubs. A
member of the Princeton Rotary Club, he indicated he would comply with the order.

Pagan Love Song, with Esther Williams and Howard Keel, is at the Playhouse. All
About Eve, with Bette Davis, George Sanders, Anne Baxter and Celeste Holm, is at
the Garden.

The Brown hockey team downed the Tigers, 6-3, in Baker Rink Saturday.

The wrestlers beat Columbia, 20-8.

Hollie Donan will be the recipient of the Lineman of the Year award on January 29 at a
dinner in Philadelphia. He was selected by a poll of the coaches of the major college
football teams.

In other sports events Saturday, the swimmers crushed Columbia, 59-16, and the fencers
lost to Navy, 20-7.

Five students successfully fought a fire in the "Prince" offices at 2:30 am yesterday.

Tuesday, January 16

The 31st and 47th National Guard Divisions enter Federal service.

(There is no Daily Princetonian today due to exams.)

Wednesday, January 17

John Fritz is the sixth faculty member to called up for active duty in the Korean conflict.

President Dodds will testify today before the Senate Armed Forces Committe presenting his
views on the Marshal Proposal on universal military training.

Seniors are faced with $37.50 in special Class fees. The spring University bill will in-
clude Class dues of $16.00 and the University fee of $15.00, which pays for a diploma. A
cap and gown rental will cost another $4.50 and local photographers are charging $2.00 for
a sitting for the Nassau Herald picture. Total: $37.50

Under the headline, "Spineless Students Apathetically Ignore Healthful Holocaust," a front
page story chronicals the fall, rise, and fall again of the 11:00 pm to 11:10 pm "polar
break" from studying for exams. It reports that only Dod Hall has so far honored the old
tradition of making as much noise as possible during that period each night.

If permission can be obtained from the Faculty Committee on Non-Athletic Organizations, the
Triangle Club will present a show during Houseparties, according to ex-president Robert

Led by Dean Mathey's six goals, the Baker Independents opened their season by beating a
team from Lafayette by a 14-2 margins. Made up of men who played Freshman hockey, the
group is in its third season.

Eight elm trees have been removed from the Campus because they contracted a fatal disease.

For Heaven's Sake, with Clifton Webb, Joan Bennett, Edmund Gwenn and Joan Blondell,
is at the Playhouse. Tight Little Island, with Basil Radford and Joan Greenwood, is
at the Garden.

Thursday, January 18

(Due to exams, there is no "Prince" for this date.)

Friday, January 19

In his testimony Wednesday before the Senate Armed Forces Committee President Dodds ex-
pressed general support for the manpower proposals of Secretary of Defense George Marshall.
He feels that requiring military service between high school and college is the correct

Athletic Director Ken Fairman '34 announced yesterday that Charlie Caldwell has signed a
new contract of "indefinite duration" as head coach of Princeton football.

The State Department has invited students to apply for internships for nine months of
training in Washington, D. C. Salary will be between $3,100 and $3450 per year. Appli-
cations should be filed before February 20 at the SPIA office.

The Class of 1952 has selected the orchestra of Meyer Davis to provide the music for their
Junior Prom on March 2.

Varsity P's have been awarded to 81 members of the once-beaten 150's. Class of 51 recip-
ients were Phillips Hungerford, Charles Kepler, Dail Longaker, Philip Matter, captain
Richard Murphy, Horace Orser, Keith Schnebley and Richard Stockham.

Trail of Robin Hood, with Roy Rogers, is at the Garden.

Monday, January 22

Stating that "it is time for a younger man to take over," Dr. Robert Clothier, president of
Rutgers, announced his resignation to the Board of Trustees. Princeton professor John Sly,
of the Politics Department, has been mentioned as a successor.

A false alarm turned in at the corner of Prospect Street and Olden Avenue brought out all
five of Princeton's fire engines at 4:18 yesterday.

In an effort to stop panic enlistments from the nation's colleges , Secretary of Defense
George Marshal announced that students might continue their studies for the remainder of the
academic year and still enlist in the service of their choice, even if they have already
received their draft notice.

Vandals wrecked the game room located in the basement of Whig Hall.

Assistant Dean of the College Jeremiah Finch has issued a warning about student use of fire-
works. He called attention to the New Jersey law banning the use of fireworks of any type,
as well as the use of unregistered firearms. The warning comes as the result of an outbreak
of fireworks explosions and the arrest by Borough police of four undergraduates.

Dean Brown will not be the lecturer in Economics 310, as had been scheduled because of his
duties associated with his membership on the Scientific Manpower Advisory Committee in

Grounds for Marriage, with Kathryn Grayson, Van Johnson and Barry Sullivan, is at the
Playhouse. Red Shoes is at the Garden.

A four-man team of Bob Snable, Bob Akeley, Bill Swearer nosed out Maryland for first place
honors in the section D one-mile relay at the Philadelphia Inquirer Indoor Invitat-
ional Track and Field Meet Friday night in Convention Hall in Philadelphia. Carleton
Jacobs tied for third in the pole vault.

Wednesday, January 24

Registrar Howard Stepp said that unless the vandalism that has occured to the registration
material in Alexander Hall ceases immediately it will be necessary to return to the old
system of registration.

The following announcement appears in today's "Prince": After today's issue the Daily
Princetonian will suspend publication for one week. On February 31, with the beginning
of the Spring Term, the "Prince" will resume publication on the regular basis of five issues

The board rate in Commons and in most of the clubs will be raised for the Spring Term. The
board rate in Commons will rise from $220 to $240 per term. At least 13 clubs plan to raise
rates, with the typical club going from $17 to $18 per week.

Professor Sly squelched all rumors concerning the presidency of Rutgers.

Fifteen members of the Princeton Faculty were among the signers of a statement by 2000 prom-
inent social scientists upholding the foreign policy of Secretary of State Dean Acheson and
urging a more responsible and loyal opposition to that policy if opposition is needed.

Princeton became the only University in the country to have an officer of flag rank as pro-
fessor of Naval Science yesterday when the appointment of Brigadier General James Riseley
to his present rank was confirmed.

Princeton has been designated as a testing center for the nationwide administration of the
Law Admission Test on February 24, April 28 and August 11. Seniors, Juniors, and in some
cases Sophomores may take the exam.

The Halls of Montezuma, with Richard Widmark, Robert Wagner and Reginald Gardiner, is
at the Playhouse.

Hollie Donan has been drafted by the New York Giants of the NFL.

In IAA competition Cannon leads all clubs and Holder A is leading in the dorm division.

Candidates for admission to medical school in the fall of 1952 are urged to take the Medical
College Admission test in May.

Thursday, January 25

EUSA Launches counterattack to push Communists north of Han River.

Wednesday, January 31

The proposed board rate increases may be put on hold by the wage and price controls just
announced by price boss Michael DiSalle. The University plans to charge the new rate and
give a refund if the new rate is later to be found in violation of the rules.

David Sykes, publicity manager for the Glee Club announced that there will be concerts with
The New Jersey College for Women and Smith College, as well as a concert on Houseparty

A total of 48 undergraduates had failed to register for the Spring Term as of 3:30 yesterday.
Twenty five new students registered, returning after having dropped out for various reasons.

The 400 students who failed to get the free chest X-ray offered last December and who have
not had one at their own expense since, have been threatened with suspension by Dean

The kitchen in the east wing of Cannon club was damaged by fire at about 6 am yesterday.

During a television appearance last week President Dodds advocated admitting students to
college at age 16 and then having them receive basic military training after two years of

The basketball team scored an easy 73-56 victory over Rutgers Monday evening.

The two-mile relay team took second place in the Millrose Games Saturday.

The hockey team defeated Clarkson by a 6-3 count.

Branded, with Alan Ladd, Mona Freeman, Charles Bickford and Joseph Calleia, is at the
Playhouse. Adam and Evalyn, with Stewart Granger and Jean Simmons, is at the Garden.

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