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This is the official website for the Princeton Club of India (PCI). PCI intends to serve as a source of information, discussion forum, and a networking resource for Princetonians - including students, alumni and faculty, both in India and abroad - with personal/professional ties to or an interest in India. Feel free to look around.
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a n n o u n c e m e n t s

  • Invitation to PCI's Annual Admissions Reception

PCI invites you to its annual reception for the new admits from India. We are also delighted to welcome the Princeton Bridge Year students who will be visiting us from Varanasi where they have spent several months doing community service.
Herro Mustafa (*97), a Princeton graduate alum who is Political Counselor in the US Embassy, has very kindly offered to host the party.

When: April 18, 2014. 7pm - 9pm.
Where: 26 A Amrita Shergill Marg, Near Lodi Gardens, New Delhi. Tel: 011-24198076
RSVP (required for security purposes): To Maddy Pauchet (mpauchet@princeton.edu) and Talya Nevins (talya.nevins@gmail.com) with your name, class of graduation, title, organization and mobile number. Spouses are also welcome (but do let us know if they will be accompanying you).

  • February 25, 2014: PCI's Global Networking Night in Mumbai

    Every year, Princeton's Alumni Associations collectively organize a "Global Networking Night", a career-networking event hosted by regional associations around the world, all on the same night. For more details about the Mumbai meetup, see the
    Events page.

Camille Framroze '12, Anjali Mehrotra '13, and Mohit Manohar '13 Nikhil Seth '13 and Camille Framroze '12
Shikha Uberoi '13, Divyansh Bajpai, and Madhur Kothaway GS'90
Shikha Uberoi '13, Divyansh Bajpai, Madhur Kothaway GS'90, Nikhil Seth '13, Camille Framroze '12, Anjali Mehrotra '13 and Mohit Manohar '13
  • February 22, 2014: Princeton Bridge Party
    Continuing its annual tradition, Princeton Club of India welcomed the Princeton Bridge Year students in Kolkata. For more details, see the Events page.
    More information about the Princeton Bridge program can be found here.

    Princeton Bridge Students at Kolkata

    Front row (left to right): Maddy Pauchet, Zach Feig, Emma Latham, Alissa Lopez, Sammy Kunitz-Levy, Talya Nevins. Back row: William Hinthorn, Shiv Kaul

    Front row: Smita Kaul, Raja Shekar Narla, Zach Feig, Alissa Lopez, Emma Latham, Dolly Pandey, Nitya Kaul and Taarini Kaul. Back row: Shiv Kaul, Maddy Pauchet, William Hinthorn, Michael Woodard, Sammy Kunitz-Levy, Talya Nevins
    (clockwise from left) Michael Woodard, Emma Latham, Shiv Kaul, William Hinthorn, Maddy Pauchet, Zach Feig, Alissa Lopez (middle) (foreground) William Hinthorn (l) and Shiv Kaul (r). Dolly Pandey, Emma Latham, Zach Feig, Maddy Pauchet, and Michael Woodard are in the background.


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